Adelhelm Global are thought leaders and strategic partners in global industrial relations and collective negotiations.

We partner with companies and executive teams of global organisations to develop holistic, balanced and future aligned people and industrial relations strategies, which build positive brand and workplace perception.

At Adelhelm Global we are experts in designing and delivering collective communications for global companies when required to engage with employees and unions.

Future Outlook

Business leaders, CEOs and executive teams need to adapt and adjust in the rapidly changing global labour relations environment. Bold and future focused leaders are required to manage by example in a world of growing social media scrutiny, social consciousness and environmental sustainability by zoning into what employees, the public, consumers, media, and markets are demanding. These voices are getting louder. Particularly established traditional industries such as oil & gas, mining, plastics, chemicals, manufacturing, retail and others will be under the spotlight.

If you are staffed by unionised and/or younger employees, you urgently need to engage and explain.

The success and longevity of businesses will require a lot more than pleasing shareholders and keeping numbers in the black. We help leaders to start engaging directly with their employees and the unions, identify and communicate your globally informed mission, and implement practical managerial actions to develop positive brand recognition from your own employees and the wider community. 

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs


“Adelhelm worked with us to customise an Industrial Relations program for Operations and HR Leaders delivered over several months across China, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. The IR risk assessment focus and case studies helped to shape our discussions and drive future actions. The content was delivered in a clear and meaningful way that our leaders could relate to and we will plan to expand upon the program to a wider group.”

Andrew Watt, Head of HR, Avery Dennison

Fred Adelhelm

Fred Adelhelm is an international expert in industrial relations and people strategy. He partners with executive teams throughout Australasia, Europe, North America, Asia & Africa to achieve future-aligned practices. He constantly analyses the ever-changing interaction between economics, politics, social trends and legislation, to ensure global organisations get the most forward-thinking strategic advice to keep them future focussed, sustainable and relevant for the long term.

Fred has partnered with global corporations to enhance and modernise their industrial relations approaches. These include BP, Rio Tinto, Transdev, Exxon Mobile, Unilever, Mercedes Benz and Levi Strauss, Air New Zealand and McDonalds amongst others. His experience covers retail, manufacturing, aviation, engineering, construction, logistics, transport, agriculture, fishing, shipbuilding, mining, warehousing, health and ambulance services, forestry, ports, hospitality and government agencies.

With a degree in Psychology, post-graduate employment law and dispute resolution qualifications and 30 years practical experience, he can quickly assess risks and competing negotiating interests.

When Fred is not engrossed in industrial relations, he may be spotted surfing or ocean paddling in Northland New Zealand, San Sebastian, Spain – or somewhere in between. 

Deborah Lindemann

Deborah leads the demystification of industrial relations for clients across the globe. She has developed and delivered coaching programs in strategic approaches to optimising labour relations across Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India, South Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Specialising in training, coaching and upskilling she can take complex labour & industrial relations themes and break them down into relevant, actionable strategies for organisations to improve productivity, reduce risk and increase employee engagement.

With more than 15 years’ experience Deborah has worked, consulted and trained across many industries including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, transport, motorsport, engineering, utilities, law enforcement, as well as numerous government agencies. Deborah has a Master of International Business and Culture (Germany), as well as a Master of Employment Law, including International Labour Law (Australia).

Deborah is a true global citizen having lived in Germany, New Zealand, UK and Australia as well as a short stint in China. She enjoys composing, playing and recording music, travelling, and feels at home wherever there is a beach.

Jason Tuck

Jason has extensive experience in industrial relations, negotiations and dispute resolution with local companies and international organisations in the transport, communications, marine, logistics, manufacturing and health sectors. He has worked in Australasia, the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia.

Jason has a BSc degree and has completed post graduate studies at Stanford University. He presents negotiation and influencing strategies at conferences, and regularly advocates for employers when in bargaining with unions and employees for wage & benefits agreements. Jason is in high demand from clients with complex and protracted negotiations.

Ian Newall

Ian has extensive experience in industrial relations and commercial negotiations and conflict resolution in the UK, EU and Southern Africa working, with small and global organisations covering IT, telecoms, engineering, manufacturing, local government, healthcare, petrochemicals, marketing, clothing and textiles.

Ian holds BSc and MBA degrees and has trained negotiation skills globally, including MBA students at business schools internationally. He has conducted hundreds of mediations and arbitrations.

Gavin Weiner

Gavin, a practicing attorney, specialises in employment law and industrial relations. With 30 plus years experience, he gives employers strategic advice and coaches execs. He consults to global multinationals as well as small, mid-capped and listed companies across Southern Africa, covering logistics, aviation, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, on-line and land-based gaming, security, courier services, financial services and information technology sectors. Gavin has extensive negotiation and mediation experience and acts for companies as a “front-line” negotiator in union wage negotiations, wage disputes, strike handling and retrenchment consultation.

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